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The Equus Universalis Foundation has as sole purpose to extend equine welfare in Europe by means of making classical equitation commonplace again amongst riders whether professional or recreational.

How better to achief this goal then to work together with the oldest and best riding school in the world, the Spanish Riding School of Vienna (SRS)!
More than 450 years of knowledge in sustainable and healthy horse training and education made available for everyone!

Most of the stallions in the show are 20+. For centuries the stallions retire still fit and full of zest around 27. Then they live out their pampered lives back at their birthplace Piber or trainingcentre Heldenberg. They live up till 35 to 40 years.
That proves us clearly that the SRS has to knowledge to impower horses with classical training en keep them safe, healthy and happy living to the age horses should.

The Equus Universalis Foundation gives you the opportunity to study directly with the Bereiters of the SRS, by the courtesy of Oberbereiter Hausberger.
 Thanks to him Bereiter Oberhauser (photo below) comes to Germany and the Netherlands 3 times a year for two day clinics. You can participate with your horse or come and learn as an auditor.

Participation as a rider does not cover the costs we make to make these clinics possible. However, if you come as an auditor, you will not only be able to study the Bereiters teachings, you are also supporting keeping the cost of these events managable for our foundation.
We love seeing auditors making notes during the lessons!

If you wish to enlist as a rider, an auditor or would like more information, please
mail to or whatsapp to +0031640680006
or contact us via our facebook page  


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