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    Healing is preventing
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Our goal

European Equus Universalis Foundation also known as EEUF or EUF, is an internationally working foundation that has as her primary goal bring back correct classical and sustainable work as common practise for all riders in Europe. This way the Equus Universalis Foundation hopes to encourage healthy training methods within the whole of the Equine community and stop and prevent the ongoing premature lameness of riding horses, in order to end the ever growing amounts of injured horses that over fill the horse rescue centres of Europe.

Problem and Cause

Since the end of the industrial revolution mankind no longer depends on the horse for his primary survival. As a result of this, an enormous amount of knowledge concerning keeping horses optimally functional and sound his whole lifespan as equine partner, has gone lost. Thus, the horse has become victim of the 19 and 20th century consumers mentality.

Tipping point

In the 21st century however, we are experiencing a tipping point concerning men and his view of the world. Survival has become an important item once again. People are looking for sustainability and authenticity, researching knowhow of the past combined with the newest practical scientific developments. The Equus Universalis Foundation aims to play her role in creating the new sustainable era for the horse, our most loyal partner throughout the ages.

Horse rescues

Horse rescues are getting more and more flooded by the day. The market is over filled with lame or otherwise injured or difficult horses. The Equus Universalis foundation offers a solution for these horses now. However what we want most is for the next generations of horses to last a long, happy and healthy life working alongside their human. Learning how to heal horses that were injured by harmful training is the solution that brings the knowledge to prevent new horses being harmed. That is why our mantra is: Healing is preventing!


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